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Season 1 1976-77

Episode 1, "Pilot"
A much younger man becomes infatuated with the diner's new waitress, wannabe singer Alice, and will do anything to get her to date him... and therefore pretends to be an agent who handles singers.

Episode 2, "Sex Education"
Tommy's sex education class bothers Alice.

Episode 3, "Alice Gets A Pass"
Alice is courted by a football player.

Episode 4, "Pay the Fifty Dollars"
When Alice gets a gig to sing in a nightclub, she is arrested for prostitution.

Episode 5, "A Call to Arms"
Harassed by phone calls, Alice borrows Flo's gun.

Episode 6, "The Last Review"
Alice tries to get a food critic to come into the diner, but he dies when he finally eats a meal there.

Episode 7, "Mel's Happy Burger"
Mel wants Alice to star in a television commercial for the diner.

Episode 8, "Big Daddy Dawson's Coming"
Alice helps Flo capture the man of her dreams, but he wants more from Alice than advice on Flo.

Episode 9, "Good Night Sweet Vera"
Depressed, Vera overdoses on sleeping pills, and it's up to Alice and Flo to keep her up.

Episode 10, "The Dilemma"
Alice is proposed marriage.

Episode 11, "Who Killed Bugs Bunny?"
Alice tries to let Tommy be "one of the guys", but it would compromise her values.

Episode 12, "Mother-In-Law (Part I)"
Alice is tortured by her visiting mother-in-law.

Episode 13, "Mother-In-Law (Part II)"
Alice's mother-in-law, visiting, wants Tommy to move to New Jersey with her - without Alice.

Episode 14, "Vera's Mortician"
Alice suspects that Vera's new boyfriend is not what he seems to be, though Mel, Flo, and everyone else thinks they will marry.

Episode 15, "Mel's In Love"
Mel falls in love three times in one week.

Episode 16, "The Accident"
Mel finds out that Flo has had an accident with his treasured car.

Episode 17, "The Failure"
Alice's thinking prevents a bank robbery, but then Mel's Diner is the target of the bandit.

Episode 18, "The Hex"
A gyspy comes into the diner and puts a hex on unbelieving Alice.

Episode 19, "The Pain of No Return"
An IRS agent wants much more than back taxes from Alice.

Episode 20, "The Odd Couple"
When Flo's trailer is stolen, Flo stays with Alice - but they don't get along at all.

Episode 21, "A Night To Remember"
Alice and Flo try to help out Vera's love life.

Episode 22, "Mel's Cup"
The waitresses accidentally donate Mel's treasured Navy cup to charity, and Mel becomes infuriated with Alice.

Episode 23, "The Bundle"
Flo finds a large sum of money in a diner chair, but Alice doesn't want to play "finders keepers, losers weepers"

Episode 24, "A Piece of the Rock"
Alice's late husband's insurance beneficiary may be another woman.

Desi Arnaz as Alice's friend, Poco.

Season 2 1977-78

Episode 1, "The Second Time 'Round"
Alice is annoyed by a local flasher; Flo finds out that one of her divorces was illegal.

Episode 2, "The Indian Taker"
An Indian claims Mel's Diner is built on his tribe's land.

Episode 3, "The Pharmacist"
At the diner, a young man protests food additives.

Episode 4, "Earthquake"
An earthquake hits the diner.

Episode 5, "Sixty Minutes Man"
A customer may be a mobster.

Episode 6, "86 The Waitresses"
Mel hires a waiter, and Alice quits when she learns he is earning more money than the waitresses, leading Vera and Flo to quit as well.

Episode 7, "Alice By Moonlight"
Alice gets a singing job, and starts sleeping on her day job.

Episode 8, "Single Belles"
Alice, Vera, and Flo date the same man.

Episode 9, "That Old Black Magic"
When Mel is injured at Alice's, he must stay there, so the girls play poker with him.

Episode 10, "Love Is Sweeping the Counter"
Flo and Mel try dating each other.

Episode 11, "The Eyes of Texas"
When Flo's new glasses do not live up to her own expectations, she gets contacts.

Episode 12, "A Semi-Merry Christmas"
Alice, Tommy, Flo, Vera, and Mel spend a white Christmas in a semi when they try to drive to Alice and Tommy's cousins' place.

Episode 13, "Oh, George Burns!"
Vera thinks George Burns is the character he played in his movie - God. Special Guest Star George Burns.

Episode 14, "Love Is A Free Throw"
A young basketball star makes advances toward Alice.

Episode 15, "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind"
Alice's psychology class puts Mel, Flo, Vera and Alice at odds with each other.

Episode 16, "Love Me, Love My Horse"
Flo's brother comes to town and wants Alice to marry him.

Episode 17, "Mel's Big Five-O"
Mel turns fifty and is not happy about it.

Episode 18, "Florence of Arabia"
Flo dates a Middle Easterner.

Episode 19, "The Cuban Connection"
A philandering fashion photographer's marriage is in tough waters. Special Guest Star Desi Arnaz.

Episode 20, "Don't Lock Now, Alice"
The gang is locked in the storeroom over a holiday weekend.

Episode 21, "Star In The Storeroom"
The diner staff gets tickets to the Jerry Reed concert, but Jerry Reed's clothes don't survive the diner. Special Guest Star Jerry Reed.

Episode 22, "Mel's Recession"
Mel claims he has to fire one of his waitresses, and they immediately become what he wants--productive.

Episode 23, "The Reporter"
An investigative reporter fears for his life and ducks into Mel's Diner.

Episode 24, "The Bus"
When a bus line visits Mel's Diner, the bus and driver disappear, leaving a load of passengers stranded at the diner.

Season 3 1978-79

Episode 1, "Take Him, He's Yours"
Tommy stays with Mel for a while, and afterward he is amazed at Alice's ability to handle so much.

Episode 2, "Car Wars"
Mel sells the girls his car, but wants it back so he can get more money for it when he gets a better offer.

Episode 3, "Citizen Mel"
Mel is witness to a robbery.

Episode 4, "The Principal of the Thing"
Alice dates Tommy's principal.

Episode 5, "Block Those Kicks"
Mel, Alice, Vera and Flo all give up a bad habit.

Episode 6, "What Happened to the Class of '78?"
Flo goes to night school, but prefers dating.

Episode 7, "Better Never Than Late"
Mel decides to open the diner on Saturday night, and the biggest customer is a gunman.

Episode 8, "Vera's Popcorn Romance"
Alice, Mel, and Flo can't wait to meet Vera's new beau.

Episode 9, "Who Ordered the Hot Turkey?"
Mel can't find a turkey for Thanksgiving, though orphans are coming for a holiday dinner.

Episode 10, "Mel's In A Family Way"
Mel gets over-attached to Alice and Tommy Hyatt.

Episode 11, "A Slight Case of ESP"
Vera supposes she has ESP.

Episode 12, "The Happy Hoofers"
Mel fires moonlighting Alice.

Episode 13, "Sweet Charity"
Alice gets tickets to a charity ball, but there aren't enough for everyone.

Episode 14, "Vera's Broken Heart"
An attractive delivery boy cures Vera's broken heart.

Episode 15, "The Fourth Time Around"
Mel's brother, who visits, is also an old beau of Flo's.

Episode 16, "Tommy's First Love"
Flo helps convince Tommy how good his life is with his mom when he runs away to her trailer.

Episode 17, "Alice's Decision"
When Alice can audition for a producer, she gets the hiccups.

Episode 18, "Mel Grows Up"
Mel's mother, Carrie, comes to town.

Episode 19, "What're You Doing New Year's Eve?"
Flo may be working alone on New Years Eve in the diner.

Episode 20, "If The Shoe Fits"
Alice auditions for a play and falls for the very young director.

Episode 21, "The Last Stow It (Part I)"
Mel sells the diner, and the waitresses can't bear their new boss.

Episode 22, "The Last Stow It (Part II )"
Mel tries to get the diner back.

Episode 23, "My Fair Vera"
Vera tries her hand at showbusiness.

Episode 24, "Flo Finds Her Father"
Flo's father arrives in Phoenix, and her reception isn't warm.

Seasons 1 - 3 Seasons 4 - 5 Seasons 6 - 9


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