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Season 4 1979-80

Episode 1, "Has Anyone Seen Telly?"
Telly Savalis surprises everyone by walking into Mel's Diner and causes a lot of excitement and havoc. Special Guest Star Telly Savalis.

Episode 2, "Mona Lisa Alice"
Tommy ruins Alice's new relationship.

Episode 3, "Mel Loves Marie"
Alice tries to save Mel's relationship with Marie.

Episode 4, "Vera Robs The Cradle"
Vera and Tommy go to a movie together, and soon Tommy has a crush on her.

Episode 5, "Flo's Chili Reception"
Flo dates Mel's restaurant rival.

Episode 6, "Cabin Fever"
Everyone is stranded in a cabin during a tornado.

Episode 7, "Little Alice Bluenose"
Alice's new boyfriend is the nude model in Vera's art class.

Episode 8, "Mel's In The Kitchen with Dinah"
Mel is invited to make his chili on television.

Episode 9, "Alice In TV Land"
Tommy appears on a talk show and leads to an argument among his mother and her friends.

Episode 10, "Carrie Sharples Strikes Again"
When Mel is hurt, his visiting mom takes over the diner.

Episode 11, "Carrie's Wedding"
Mel almost doesn't appear at his mother's wedding.

Episode 12, "My Cousin, Art Carney"
Vera's cousin may promote Mel's chili. Guest star Art Carney.

Episode 13, "Good Buddy Flo"
Alice teaches Flo how to drive a truck.

Episode 14, "Auld Acquaintances Should Be Forgot"
Mel's old Navy buddy arrives at the diner, and stays in the storeroom.

Episode 15, "Mel, The Magi"
Mel saves Christmas for Alice, Flo, Vera, and Tommy.

Episode 16, "Alice Beats The Clock"
Mel's time clock works against him when Alice thinks about overtime.

Episode 17, "My Funny Valentine Tux"
Alice must get a tuxedo for Tommy's Valentine's Dance.

Episode 18, "Flo's Farewell"
Flo accepts a new job.

Episode 19, "For Whom The Bell Tolls"
A visiting former waitress of Mel's becomes the new third waitress after song-writing falls through.

Episode 20, "One Too Many Girls"
Alice and Vera are annoyed by Belle.

Episode 21, "Vera, The Vamp"
Vera enlists Belle's help with turning her into a sexpot.

Episode 22, "Profit Without Honor"
Mel almost cuts his waitresses' paychecks, until Alice thinks of profit sharing.

Episode 23, "Cook's Tour"
Mel's new relationship may cost him his good health.

Episode 24, "Here Comes Alice Cottontail"
Alice checks on Tommy when he stays at Mel's, unlike she promised.

Season 5 1980-81

Episode 1, "Mel and the Green Machine"
Mel is $24,675 richer, but because of Alice, not for very long.

Episode 2, "Dog Day Evening"
Mel's new guard dogs trap the diner staff.

Episode 3, "Hello Vegas, Goodbye Diner"
In Las Vegas, the diner goes into jeopardy. Part 1 of 2.

Episode 4, "Too Many Robert Goulets"
Alice must impersonate Robert Goulet to save the diner. Special Guest Star Robert Goulet. Part 2 of 2.

Episode 5, "Vera's Aunt Agatha"
Mel messes up Vera's plans to take off for Mexico with her free-spirited aunt.

Episode 6, "Tommy's T.K.O."
After Mel teaches Tommy how to fight, Tommy is thrown out of school.

Episode 7, "The New Improved Mel"
Mel tries to be a saint, but it doesn't work for long.

Episode 8, "Carrie Sings The Blues"
Carrie's marriage is almost destroyed by Mel.

Episode 9, "Henry's Bitter Half"
Henry thinks his wife's having an affair, but she is actually expecting a baby.

Episode 10, "Alice Locks Belle Out"
Belle is evicted temporarily.

Episode 11, "Vera Goes Out On A Limb"
Vera tries to save a tree in front of the diner.

Episode 12, "Alice's Son, The Drop-Out"
Tommy's new job interferes with his school work, so Alice, Vera, and Belle take over, to Mel's chagrin.

Episode 13, "Bye, Bye Birdie"
Mel yells at Vera's new parrot, and it drops dead.

Episode 14, "The Jerry Reed Fish Story"
Mel's chance to meet Dolly Parton is almost ruined because of a fish.

Episode 15, "Carrie Chickens Out"
Mel and his mother feud, almost costing him his business.

Episode 16, "Macho, Macho Mel"
Mel is mugged by a little old lady.

Episode 17, "The Great Escape"
Belle calls from vacation and quits, a dilemma brings a new waitress to fill-in for Belle. Special Guest Star Celia Weston.

Episode 18, "Alice Strikes Up The Band"
Alice sings as a substitute singer, and the band wants her.

Episode 19, "Who's Kissing The Great Chef of Phoenix?"
Mel dates Vera to make Marie jealous.

Episode 20, "Baby Makes Five"
Vera finds a baby abandoned in the laundromat.

Episode 21, "Vera And The Bouncing Check"
Vera's old friend bounces a check at the diner.

Episode 22, "Mel's Cousin, Wendell"
Mel's cousin Wendell visits, and asks Mel for advice on asking out Vera.

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