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Season 6 1981-82

Episode 1, "The Wild One"
Alice is the romantic desire of a motorcyclist. Guest stars Jay Leno and Ron Palillo.

Episode 2, "Bet A Million, Mel"
A tip on a horse almost costs Mel the diner - except Alice, Vera, and Jolene tie him up for two days so he can't do anything to risk his business.

Episode 3, "Alice's Big Four-Oh!"
Alice's mother pays her a visit as she turns 40. Guest star Doris Roberts.

Episode 4, "Alice's Halloween Surprise"
Alice takes her new beau's kids trick-or-treating, but takes home one of the wrong kids.

Episode 5, "After Mel's Gone"
Everyone squabbles over Mel's will.

Episode 6, "Comrade Mel"
A towel boy for the Russian ballet visits and wants to stay in America.

Episode 7, "Guinness On Tap"
Vera tries to break the non-stop tap dancing record. Guest star Donald O'Connor.

Episode 8, "Monty Falls For Alice"
A visiting busboy from Vegas falls for Alice. Guest star George Wendt.

Episode 9, "Alice Calls The Shots"
At Mel and Earl's urging, Tommy disobeys Alice and sneaks out to play in a championship basketball game.

Episode 10, "Alice And The Acorns"
Alice's old friend comes to town.

Episode 11, "Best Little Waitress In The World"
Vera gains self-confidence.

Episode 12, "Sharples vs. Sharples"
Carrie's cookbook may feature Mel's famous chili recipe.

Episode 13, "Not With My Niece, You Don't"
Tommy dates Mel's neice, and Alice and Mel are scared to death.

Episode 14, "Mel's Christmas Carol"
The girls won't work on Christmas Eve.

Episode 15, "Vera, Queen Of The Soaps"
Vera gets hooked on soap operas.

Episode 16, "Jolene Hunnicutt, Dynamite Trucker"
Jolene, Alice, and Vera haul dynamite.

Episode 17, "Spell Mel's"
Mel throws a contest.

Episode 18, "Do You Take This Waitress?"
Jolene and Mel pretend to be married when Mel wants to impress an old friend.

Episode 19, "The Valentine's Day Massacre"
The diner staff spends Valentines Day alone.

Episode 20, "Mel Wins By A Nose"
Mel considers getting a nose job.

Episode 21, "My Mother The Landlord"
Carrie is Mel's new landlord.

Episode 22, "Give My Regrets To Broadway"
Tommy considers being an actor.

Episode 23, "The Secrets of Mel's Diner"
The diner may have hidden treasure.

Episode 24, "Vera's Reunion Romance"
Vera attends her class reunion in Boston and returns to Mel's Diner engaged.

Season 7 1982-83

Episode 1, "Alice At The Palace (Part I)"
Mel becomes producer of Alice's production of "I Like New York", and wants to replace the leading man - Joel Grey, and rename the play "I Like Arizona" Guest star Joel Grey.

Episode 2, "Joel Grey Saves The Day (Part II)"
After the cast won't be in Mel's new version of the play, Joel Grey won't appear either - but for Alice's sake, he arrives at the end of the play.

Episode 3, "Tommy Fouls Out"
Tommy wants to quit the basketball team, but a star convinces him otherwise. Guest star Meadowlark Lemon.

Episode 4, "Vera's Secret Lover"
Vera gets letters and gifts from a secret admirer.

Episode 5, "Sorry, Wrong Lips"
In an actress' book, she describes a kiss - and Mel thinks he gave it to her.

Episode 6, "Jolene's Brother Jonas"
Jonas, Jolene's underhanded brother, comes to visit her and sells Mel a bogus worm ranch.

Episode 7, "Mel's Dream Car"
Mel gets a Porche and with it an inflated ego.

Episode 8, "Carrie On The Rebound"
Carrie, visiting and newly divorced, falls for Earl.

Episode 9, "The Grass Is Always Greener"
When Mel gets a job offer her can't refuse, he sells the diner to the girls, then finds he hates his new job.

Episode 10, "Alice's Turkey Of A Thanksgiving"
Alice's mother visits her on Thanksgiving, and announces she's moving to Phoenix.

Episode 11, "Tommy, The Jailbird"
Tommy joins a college friend in a round of partying that eventually puts them on the wrong side of the law.

Episode 12, "Vera On The Lam"
Vera confesses her criminal past to Mel.

Episode 13, "Tommy Hyatt, Business Consultant"
Tommy learns there is more to marketing than charts and graphs when he almost ruin's Mel's finances.

Episode 14, "Vera The Virtuoso"
Vera plays in a quartet.

Episode 15, "Sweet Erasable Mel"
Mel is persuaded to install a computer to handle his bookkeeping and, overnight, he is financially wiped out.

Episode 16, "Jolene Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag"
Vera teaches Jolene a self-defense technique that proves valuable when a cat burglar is on the prowl in her neighborhood.

Episode 17, "Alice Sees The Light"
Alice spots a UFO.

Episode 18, "Come Back Little Sharples"
Mel refuses to leave his apartment when everyone is hanging down on him, including his mother.

Episode 19, "Alice Faces The Music"
Alice, Vera, and Jolene appear on a television game show.

Episode 20, "Mel's Cousin Wendy?"
Mel enlists the aid of his cousin Wendell, who becomes "Wendy," to help crush a competitor.

Episode 21, "Jolene And The Night Watchman"
Jolene dates a muscle-bound watchman.

Episode 22, "Vera, The Torch"
Vera puts up her landlady after a fire is set in her apartment. Linda Lavin stars as Debbie Walden, the landlady.

Basketball star Meadowlark Lemmon.

Season 8 1983-84

Episode 1, "Tommy Goes Overboard"
Tommy accidentally enlists in the Navy.

Episode 2, "Vera, The Horse Thief"
The circus comes to town and Vera hijacks its wonder horse, Sparky, whom she believes is being mistreated.

Episode 3, "Alice's Blind Date"
Alice dates a now blind high school flame.

Episode 4, "Jolene Gets Her Wings"
Jolene becomes a flight attendent - but she's afraid of flying.

Episode 5, "It Had To Be Mel"
A star proposes to Mel. Guest star Florence Henderson.

Episode 6, "Mel Is Hogg-Tied"
The Dukes of Hazzard's "Boss Hog" comes to town to see Jolene, and tricks Mel into selling the diner for one dollar.

Episode 7, "Dollars To Donuts"
Carrie gets Mel addicted to gambling.

Episode 8, "The Over-The-Hill Girls"
Alice tries to get Carrie a singing job.

Episode 9, "Alice And The Devoted Dentist"
Mel's dentist falls for Alice. Guest star James Coco.

Episode 10, "Vera Gets Engaged"
Vera gets a ticket for jaywalking by Officer Elliot Novack, and he and Vera are soon engaged - but a mix-up at the rehearsal (due to the zany minister) gets Vera married to Mel. Part 1 of 2.

Episode 11, "Vera's Wedding"
After Vera and Mel's marriage is annuled, Mel talks to Elliot, and Elliot may not marry Vera. Part 2 of 2.

Episode 12, "The Robot Wore Pink"
When Alice quites, her replacement--a robot--compels Jolene and Vera to quit as well.

Episode 13, "Jolene Throws A Curve"
The diner's basesball team is successful because of Jolene.

Episode 14, "Tis The Season To Be Jealous"
Elliot is jealous when Vera's old boyfriend comes to town.

Episode 15, "Vera's Fine Feathered Friends"
Trying to save baby birds which Mel threatens, Vera slips while climbing, and winds up in the hospital.

Episode 16, "Lies My Mother Told Me"
Carrie tells Mel that she lied to him when he was a child, meaning his dog did not recieve a purple heart.

Episode 17, "Mel Spins His Wheels"
Mel won't make alterations in the diner structure to benefit the handicap customers until he winds up in a wheelchair.

Episode 18, "My Dinner With Debbie"
Vera's landlady, Debbie, falls in love with Mel.

Episode 19, "Jolene Is Stuck On Mel"
Jolene and Mel are glued together as Jolene turns down a wedding proposal.

Episode 20, "Alice's Hot Air Romance"
Alice, Mel, Vera and Jolene fly up in the air in a hot air balloon.

Episode 21, "Don't Play It Again, Elliot"
Elliot spends his time with his new piano and neglects Vera.

Episode 22, "Be It Ever So Crowded"
The preacher who married Vera and Elliot won't leave the couple alone.

Season 9 1984-85

Episode 1, "Big Bad Mel"
Mel buys a nursery school and may tear it down. Guest star Rue McClanahan.

Episode 2, "Vera's Grounded Gumshoe"
Elliot, who accidentally shoots himself, quits the police force, but isn't a good salesman.

Episode 3, "Footloose Mel"
Mel thinks breakdancers who will perform in the diner are hoodlums when they come in.

Episode 4, "Romancing Mr. Stone"
Jolene and Vera place a personal ad for Alice in the paper.

Episode 5, "The Night They Raided Debbie's"
Vera and Elliot get a tenant for the spare room in their new house - but it's filled by their former landlady, Mrs. Debbie Walden.

Episode 6, "Houseful of Hunnicutts"
Jolene's family visits, and insists on staying with her, but when Mel intervenes, Jolene's father temporarily disowns her until Alice can talk him out of it.

Episode 7, "Space Sharples"
Mel is Captain Galaxy for Halloween and begins doing some heroic deeds.

Episode 8, "Tommy's Lost Weekend"
Tommy's partying in college almost costs Alice her new beau.

Episode 9, "Vera's Anniversary Blues"
Vera and Elliot try to re-enact their meeting day, but it turns out that they can't because Vera gets several tickets - none from Elliot.

Episode 10, "Undercover Mel"
Elliot asks Mel to go undercover, but Jolene, Alice, and Vera think Mel is involved with the actual fraudulent operation.

Episode 11, "Vera, The Nightbird"
Vera wants to buy a present for Elliot, so she becomes the sultry nightbird secretly, and Mel falls in love with her voice.

Episode 12, "Kiss The Grill Goodbye"
Mel almost closes his diner because of the competition.

Episode 13, "One On One"
Jolene wants to try out for a professional women's basketball team, and also develops a romantic relationship with her coach, Mel.

Episode 14, "Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore (Part I)"
A performer falls in love with Alice and wants him to come with her to sing with him.

Episode 15, "Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore (Part II)"
T Jolene, Mel, and Vera compel Elliot to "rescue" Alice when they feel that she is kidnapped.

Episode 16, "Th-Th-Th-That's All, Folks!"
It turns out Vera is pregnant, Jolene is going to open a beauty shop, Alice is going to be a singer, and Elliot gets a promotion just as Mel sells the diner.

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