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About FLO

Polly Holliday left "ALICE" in the middle of it's fourth season (to be replaced by Diane Ladd) to star in her own show, where Flo moves to Texas. The series ran from March 24, 1980 to July 21, 1981. 29 episodes aired, though it is unkown whether more episodes where produced and filmed. However, it is highly likely that all filmed episodes were aired.

Florence Jean Castleberry leaves Mel's Diner and Phoenix, thinking she is going to become a restaurant hostess in Houston. Along the way, Flo stops in her hometown of Cowtown, Texas. There, she decides to stay in Cowtown with her mother, "Mama," sister Fran, and best friend Miriam. She decides to buy a run-down restaurant and liven it up. She renames the restaurant Flo's Yellow Rose. Her bartender, Earl, is sexist, and Les is Flo's piano player. Frequent customers include Farley Walters of a nearby bank, Randy, of a local garage, and Chester. Rounding out the characters is Fran's fiance, Randy. "Flo" was somewhat successful in the spring of 1980, but when it returned in the fall, ratings became quite mediocre.

To hear the FLO theme song, check the Sound Clip section.

Polly Holliday as Florence Jean "Flo" Castleberry Geoffrey Lewis as Earl Tucker Jim B. Baker as Farley Walters Sudie Bond as Velma "Mama" Castleberry Lucy Lee Flippin as Fran Castleberry Joyce Bulifant as Miriam Willoughby Leo Burmester as Randy Stumphill Stephen Keep as Les Kincaid Terry Willis as Wendell Tubbs (spring 1980 only) Mickey Jones as Chester

After July 1981, the series never aired again. On October 27, 2000, TVLand aired one episode of the series. Fans made several unsuccessful attempts to get networks to air "Flo." Click here to look for the "Flo" section of links.

NEW!! FLO is currently not available on DVD. However, Season 1 and 2 can be downloaded to your computer or TiVo. Each episode is $1.99. For more information and pricing for the full season, check out each season individually.

Please note the following are DOWNLOADS only:

FLO, Season 1
FLO, Season 2


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