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About Mel's Diner

This site contains an informative retrospective into the TV show, ALICE. This weekly half-hour comedy series ran for nine seasons between 1976-1985, with 202 episodes being produced. The setting was "Mel's Diner," a truck stop diner situated in Phoenix, Arizona. Here viewers watched the comical antics of Mel, the diner's owner and cook, and his waitresses, Alice, Vera, Flo, Belle, and Jolene, as well as Alice's son, Tommy. To explore this site and learn more about this highly successful series, browse through the links in the Navigation menu on the left.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your trip down memory lane!

ALICE News May, 2016

Beth Howland aka "Vera Gorman"

Additional photos have been included in memory of Beth Howland (May 28, 1941 - Dec. 31, 2015), who passed away recently from natural causes. They may be viewed on her biography page here. Goodnight, sweet Vera.

Alice DVD Release petition

There is a new fan-support group to get all nine Alice seasons released on DVD. If you have an account on Facebook, consider joining the group here.

Alice Uniform

Alice Hyattís pink and white waitress uniform is heading to the Smithsonian.

Read more here: Alice uniform in the Smithsonian Museum

Alice Season 4 DVD *NEW!*

"Alice, Season 4" was released in October, 2013. Click the link to see more details or to purchase.

Alice: The Complete Fourth Season

Alice Seasons 1 - 3

"Alice" Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are also available. Click the link to take you to the DVD ordering page.

Alice: Seasons 1, 2 & 3

Linda Lavin CD

Linda Lavin releases her new CD "Possibilities," and is also available on iTunes. Click on the album for ordering information and prices.

DOWNLOAD ALICE and FLO episodes! As an alternative to the DVDs, episodes of ALICE and it's spin-off show, FLO, are also available for download to your computer or TiVo. At present, only Season 1 of ALICE, and Season 1-2 of FLO are available. More information about pricing can be found on the ALICE DVD page.

Watch downloaded episodes from four classic TV shows, "Alice," "The Waltons," "Welcome Back, Kotter," and "Eight Is Enough" in a holiday special. Check the ALICE DVD page for more details.

Disclaimer: Beware of any website claiming they have all nine seasons of Alice on DVD. They are bootleg copies and, as such, quality will be very poor and/or they won't work. This site only promotes the OFFICIAL releases, both Alice "TV Favorites" and Alice, Season 1 DVDs.

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